Nylon Shots

Innovations In High Performance Cryogenic De flashing Compounds

Dieblast PA / PC / PM

High Performance Plastic Shotblast Compounds
Available in three hardness grades DIEBLAST PRIME high performance shotblast media have been developed to obtain maximum efficiencies in deflashing and deburring operations. The high impact strength and abrasion resistance of DIEBLAST PRIME compounds provide significant technical and commercial advantages over standard plastic shotblast systems.

Based on high molecular weight nylon 6 polymer, the individually cut pellets of PRIME P.A. blast media are ideally suited for the deflashing of urea, phenolic and melamine thermoset mouldings.

Harder and more agressive than nylon blast media, DIEBLAST P.M.is used where additional impact strengths and greater cutting power are required in the deflashing of glass reinforced compounds i.e. S.M.C. / B.M.C systems.

With maximum hardness and impact strength, PRIME P.C. was initially developed for the deburring of alluminium diecast mouldings. Using unique crosslinked polymers, PRIME P.C. high performance pellets are also used for cryogenic shotblast applications at -40°C.

P.A. P.M. P.C.
Chemical Composition Polyamide 6 Polyoxymethylene Polycarbonate
Anti-static Agent Amine Amine Benzine
Specific Gravity 1.14 1.40 1.20
Impact Strength 75kj/m² 75kj/m² 60kj/m²
Hardness 60mpa 85mpa 95mpa
Standard Colours Natural / Red White / Blue Clear / Blue


Standard Production Sizes
Dieblast Cube Dieblast Cylindrical
Part No. Size mm Diagonal mm Part No. Diam/Length mm/mm Diagonal mm
0.50³ 0.50 0.88 20tho 0.50 / 0.50 0.72
0.75³ 0.75 1.32 30tho 0.76 / 0.76 1.07
1.00³ 1.05 1.67 45tho 1.14 / 1.14 1.61
1.25³ 1.25 2.10 60tho 1.50 / 1.50 2.15
Non standard sizes/colours available upon request.

DIEBLAST cryogenic systems is a registered trade mark. DIEBLAST products are covered by worldwide intellectual property rights.

DIEBLAST Silicon and DIEBLAST cube are subject to international patent application.