We represent Fischer Gmbh Germany for Plastic Media

FISCHERJETplast® cleans and activates

  • Composite parts before adhesive bonding as applied in the aircraft industry
  • Steel- and chromed moulds of the rubber and plastic industry.
  • Aluminium- and steel moulds of the foam plastic industry
  • Light metal pressure casting bodies
  • Extruder screws and injection die mould tools of the foam plastic industry
  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic parts
  • Wood surfaces
  • Fassades (in particular of historical and ancient monuments)
  • Monuments, e.g. from stone, copper or bronze
  • Natural and polished stones, e.g. from marble or granite
  • Brake linings
  • Metal Baking sheets
  • Glass surfaces
  • Special purpose sieves in sewage treatment plants
  • Motor parts

FISCHERJETplast® depaints

  • Parts and components of aircrafts
  • Parts and components of automobiles
  • Ships hulls and car bodies
  • Powder-coated parts
  • Aluminium rims
  • Improper lacquer finishes applied to high-quality work pieces
  • Traffic and instruction signs
  • Brass surfaces
  • Grey cast iron work pieces

FISCHERJETplast® deflashes

  • Electronic parts and components
  • Pressure casted parts
  • Foam plastic parts

FISCHERJETplast® prepares surfaces for

  • High quality painting of foam plastic parts
  • High quality painting of wood surfaces
  • High quality painting of metal surfaces